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Diamond Engagement Ring: The Foundation of an Eternal Promise


Famously known as a symbol of unending love and total commitment, it comes as no surprise that engagement rings have been part of marriage traditions from all over the world. They say that a man’s proposal to the woman she loves wouldn’t be complete without an engagement ring. It is widely believed that the never-ending shape is a sign of commitment and devotion. Though it does not matter whether the ring is expensive or not, why would you settle for anything less if you can afford a diamond engagement ring for your precious half?

A diamond engagement ring is much more than a simple piece of jewellery. Behind the glitter and glamour lies a powerful symbolism of love, romance and devotion. This will not be one of the most frequently purchased types of engagement ring for nothing.


Here are some of the reasons why this ring is extra special:

Diamond engagement rings have endured a long history.

Back in the time of the Roman Empire, a man pledges his true love for a woman by giving a diamond ring. This jewellery was believed to have been blessed by the stars and conspired by the universe. Though thousands of years had passed, the basic premise as a token of love had survived the ever-changing generations and eras.

Diamond engagement rings represent a sacred bond.

Aside from being a symbol of love, a diamond engagement ring represents a beautiful future together. There is just this powerful underlying feeling that unites two individuals as one. The eternal circle that encompasses the finger holds the sacred emotion of a long and lasting love. The ever-glistening stone serves as the torch of a burning passion that could last a lifetime.

Diamond engagement rings are beautiful and elegant.

Diamond rings may come in various styles, colors and sizes. But there is one thing in common. It is eye-catching. It easily stands out of the crowd with its elegance and charm. A diamond engagement ring can easily fit and blend with a person’s finger, making them look even more spectacular. The class is undeniable and the effect is beautiful.

Being one of the strongest substances on the planet, diamonds are like eternity. It can withstand the test of time.

Let your soon-to-be-bride wear your love, loyalty, fidelity, eternal friendship and unwavering commitment for the rest of her life. She is a precious gem herself, and she deserves nothing less.


Lily Ghalichi Is Now Engaged! Spot Her Diamond Engagement Ring

It’s true and confirmed – Lily Ghalichi is engaged!

With the sparkling diamond engagement ring by Mike Nekta on her finger, the happy and so-in-love Ghalichi announced the whole world that she’s soon to walk down the aisle and we’ll be hearing wedding bells.

After some people have thought it was just an April Fool’s joke, the Shas of Sunset Star confirmed her ‘engagement’ with boyfriend Dhar Mann.

A lot of people got surprised when Lilly got engaged after two months of dating – but hey, whirlwind romance, as experienced by many lovers out there, is one of the sweetest types of love foundations ever existed. Time does not matter at all when two hearts are singing the same tunes!

Her fiancé, an entrepreneur, imparted on his Instagram page, a statement supporting their whirlwind affair.”When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible,” as quoted from the classic rom-com When Harry Met Sally.

The lovers, as seen on their posted Intagram’s collaged pictures, seemed to be very excited to have them both tied the knot. So romantic are they and proud of the proposal.

Ghalichi is even happier since she got the engagement ring she has been wanting and dreaming. You will be amazed and mesmerized to see the pear-shaped engagement sparkling on her ring finger.

About the Ring

Gorgeous is that $1.2 million dollar-Type IIA Golconda colorless diamond engagement ring given by Dhar to Lily.

The story about the ring, according to Lily is as exciting as the proposal is. Dhar proposed to her without a ring so she even laughed at him telling it was a joke and it doesn’t count.

The second time he proposed, he told her that he got the ring Lilly is wanting. It even thrilled Lily when she found out that Dhar actually bought the exact ring she dreams to wear – with the amazing big and high-quality diamond!

New York City Diamond District is really ecstatic when Lily thanked Mike Nekta for helping create the ring she loves.

More Diamond Engagement Ring New York Collections

The ring is the symbol of eternity and love that will never lasts. Every detail to be included in any relationship must be worth cherishing. That’s what Mike Nekta has been establishing with every diamond engagement ring new York he is creating. Innovation is valued in any craft to be made to assure sophistication and valuable quality as well. Perfect engagement ring is not just chosen from a showcase, rather it is custom made.

Check out the various breath-taking engagement ring collection by Mike Nekta and see how your love get amazed with that sparkling sign of your love.

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