Dating Tips: How to be the Mr. Nice and Romantic Guy


Is there someone special that knocks you off your feet today? If so, have you asked her out on a date? Though dating is the usual start of something new, it isn’t always easy as it looks—especially for men. Of course, this is the stage wherein you can get to know her and connect with her emotions. No matter how old you get, there would always be those butterflies on your stomach whenever she’s around. It’s human nature, anyway.

Whether it’s a first date or not, you might as well keep these following tips in mind in order to win her precious heart.

Be Honest

Giving your honesty to the woman you’re interested in is one of the nicest gift you can give. You don’t need to pretend like you’re a CEO, a rich guy or the perfect husband to be. All people have their own strength and differences. Tell her the truth about you and never pretend to be someone you are not. Honesty is the foundation of trust and trust is the foundation of love. If she likes you, you can tell her anything and she’ll hold no judgment for it.

Make it Personal

In our generation today where anything can almost be said and sent in just a click, personal and heartfelt messages are slowly being taken for granted. If you really want a woman, go back to the tradition. Get her a card; write your sincere feelings if you can’t tell it at the moment and give it to her while you’re looking straight into her eyes. Give her flowers you have picked along the road. Sing her with songs coming from your heart even though you’re not a singer. Paint her or write a poem for her. There is no other greater inspiration than love. Whether she likes you or not, she would surely appreciate these things.

Give Her Quality Time

If you really like a person, you can always find time to be with her. Not that you need to ditch work or miss an appointment. If you really want to know her, you would find a perfect time where you can talk with her as long as the moon goes down, if her time would permit, in a nice, quiet and romantic place. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive restaurant. It can be in a café or bookshop as long as you can talk freely with each other. You can have a walk by the beach, share good laughter together, or even share a bottle of wine while you’re slowly opening up yourself to her.

Little Surprises Matter

If you have managed to cross the bridge of a first date, you must know that not all women crave for expensive gifts. Sure they do like flowers and chocolates, but there are simple things that can make them smile even more. You can drop by her house, help her with the housework or even cook for her. You can even simply join her on the sofa while she’s watching her favorite shows. These types of actions have romance written all over them.

In dating, trying to create a good impression is never a sin as long as you’re being true and sincere. After all, being nice and romantic doesn’t have to be given one time, big time. You can give it in small doses—for a lifetime. How about that?


Lily Ghalichi Is Now Engaged! Spot Her Diamond Engagement Ring

It’s true and confirmed – Lily Ghalichi is engaged!

With the sparkling diamond engagement ring by Mike Nekta on her finger, the happy and so-in-love Ghalichi announced the whole world that she’s soon to walk down the aisle and we’ll be hearing wedding bells.

After some people have thought it was just an April Fool’s joke, the Shas of Sunset Star confirmed her ‘engagement’ with boyfriend Dhar Mann.

A lot of people got surprised when Lilly got engaged after two months of dating – but hey, whirlwind romance, as experienced by many lovers out there, is one of the sweetest types of love foundations ever existed. Time does not matter at all when two hearts are singing the same tunes!

Her fiancé, an entrepreneur, imparted on his Instagram page, a statement supporting their whirlwind affair.”When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible,” as quoted from the classic rom-com When Harry Met Sally.

The lovers, as seen on their posted Intagram’s collaged pictures, seemed to be very excited to have them both tied the knot. So romantic are they and proud of the proposal.

Ghalichi is even happier since she got the engagement ring she has been wanting and dreaming. You will be amazed and mesmerized to see the pear-shaped engagement sparkling on her ring finger.

About the Ring

Gorgeous is that $1.2 million dollar-Type IIA Golconda colorless diamond engagement ring given by Dhar to Lily.

The story about the ring, according to Lily is as exciting as the proposal is. Dhar proposed to her without a ring so she even laughed at him telling it was a joke and it doesn’t count.

The second time he proposed, he told her that he got the ring Lilly is wanting. It even thrilled Lily when she found out that Dhar actually bought the exact ring she dreams to wear – with the amazing big and high-quality diamond!

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Engagement Rings? Visit New York City Diamond District!

Jewelry especially the diamond has always an intense connection with women. There is nothing that brings a smile to women’s face like sparkly earrings, jangly necklace and dazzling ring. Big or small, understated or over-the-top, real or fake, jewelries lift the spirits and looks.

Each piece of jewelry has an emblematic meaning and gesture. A diamond engagement ring is a symbolic gesture usually received by the bride to be from her future other half.

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