The Precious Story Behind the Man of Jewels

Luster. Sparkle. Brilliance. Shimmer – how well are you able to describe jewels? Physical observance gives you the freedom to pick millions of words…but jewels are not just jewels..

It is a biography that tells something about chapters of life. Behind the single piece lies a gorgeous story. Are you able to look within the lovely jewelry?

Experts in diamonds and jewelry designs, Mike Nekta is the man behind unique touch of engagement rings in New York City.

The Humble Beginning of Mike’s Jewelry Business

Way back 1974, family Nekta have started the jewelry business and been serving resellers around the globe. Mike himself is a third generation diamond expert that specializes in creating handcrafted designs.

Sticking to the belief that the real engagement rings are those that are custom made, Mike created numerous and impressive styles of diamond jewelries that has been sold throughout the city.

By 2004, he started to design watches and introduced Nekta Watch Collection that seemed to be a great competitor of many other fashion diamond watches.

Mike Nekta’s goal is to stay innovative in providing not just lovely but updated styles on each piece. He has the passion to provide the buyers with great items produced by his designs and craftmanship.

What’s behind Mike Nekta’s Jewelry Collection?

Every piece of Mike’s collection is giving you an extra reason to patronize the collection.

  1. The collection epitomizes elegance and flair for jewelries are created with utmost integrity.
  2. Consultation is given for free. If you are undecided, getting tips or inquiries, Mike Nekta doesn’t charge you for that! He is giving 20 minutes of free session just to address your curiosity and great interest.
  3. “The perfect engement ring is not picked from a showcase, rather, it is custom made.” Mike can create customized rings of your choice to suit what you want for the item. Custom orders are gladly accepted!
  4. Guaranteed quality of diamonds – diamond used to create a piece are guaranteed to be of genuine quality, lifetime brilliance, splendid proportion and are all finely cut.
  5. Lifetime Service Maintenance – there is a semi annual inspection and cleaning service. Given just for you, selected size alterations are given for free.
  6. Interest fee is 0% and is available for 6 – 12 months financing depending upon the promotions
  7. Clients may engage to work directly with him rather than just passing the designs off to a salesperson.
  8. Mike has an access to more than 250,000 diamond types
  9. Free E-Book and video series are given for FREE for website visitors

Behind every spark lies the story of diligence. Mike Nekta’s collection today have been widely sold and most clients around the globe checkout to personally visit the collection.

If you find great interest to his life and his beautiful pieces, checkout today!


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